About Us 



Weekend Offender Records started in 2019 when Matt Piper from the band Lo-Fi Rebels  decided to put out a double A sided lathe cut vinyl 

featuring 2 of the bands songs. 

After selling out of the release at the Wickham festival that year Matt teamed up with Promoter Mark Nicholls and a plan was hatched to deliver the following: 


- Affiordable Physical Media for bands and artists 

- Great new music events showcasing  new emerging Music

- A label run by artists for artists - allowing new talent to earn sensible royalties from their music


We produce hand made limited edition vinyl and cassette tape formats as well as high quality CD's and unfortunately streaming too!

Please take a look around, listen to some great music, get some tickets for some great live shows and buy a vinyl or two and continue our quest to support REAL artists making REAL music 


Matt Piper
Mark Nicholls